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  • Google challenges RIM's business market. [1]
  • BlackBerry Curve 850 marks consumer, business powerplay for RIM. [2]
  • A free BlackBerry Curve for everyone. [3]
  • At&t poised to launch BlackBerry Onyx. [4]
  • BlackBerry Storm 2 pictures leaked. [5]

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The RIM BlackBerry is a handheld device that was designed and manufactured by the Canadian based Research In Motion company in 2005, and distributed through cellphone carriers T Mobile and Cingular (now At&t).

The BlackBerry 7290 was introduced in 2005, for the price of $349 at At&t and $249 at T Mobile. Like with previous models, the 7290 includes an integrated email and SMS inbox, the full BlackBerry mobile web browser, and a phone. This device was one of the first BlackBerry's to feature a 240 by 160 back lit color screen, which was substantially wider than its tall counterpart, the 7780. The keyboard on the 7290 is also back lit, and becomes brighter when the ambient light is low. The BlackBerry 7290 is compatible with 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz GSM and GPRS networks. It cannot transfer data over EDGE and 3G networks, and does not accept a wifi chip. The 7290 does not have a speakerphone.

Reviewing websites like Cnet and mobiletechreview praised the handheld's solid email interface and bluetooth connectivity. Many business and consumer users were not happy with the BlackBerry's non inclusion of a speaker phone. This is a necessary feature when it comes to making conference calls and talking on the road. Some people were disappointed by the lack of expansion storage and inability to display any multimedia other than still images. Battery life was applauded in most reviews, with everyday users claiming at least a few days of standard use.

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Did You Know... Edit

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  • The company that came up with the name BlackBerry also named the PowerBook.
  • The BlackBerry Storm was originally going to be named the BlackBerry Thunder.
  • Research In Motion is one of the few companies that reported profits during the second financial quarter.
  • BlackBerry's servers route more than 3 petabytes of data each month. (That's 3,377,699,720,527,860 bytes.)
  • RIM was established in 1984. The BlackBerry was not sold until 15 years later.

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